The importance of quality content

Content marketing is everyone’s hot new digital marketing phrase but the notion that content marketing is new isn’t quite correct as many companies have been creating blogs, surveys and whitepapers all along.

This new era focuses on seeking to help audience growth, generate leads, spread brand awareness and improve brand perception on a larger scale. Content marketing roles are being created and teams restructured in line with this and the term now incorporates editorial, marketing, PR, SEO and social media so it is clear that having the right content and strategy in place is key to success.

This post looks at how to make your content quality and engaging, winning audiences and improving ROI, brand awareness and traffic.

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Why is LEGO’s social media strategy so outstanding?

Lego’s ability to remain popular for over 80 years is testament to the quality of the product, and over the last few years we have seen it partner with equally loved properties such as Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Although their marketing strategy wasn’t always spot on, in the last two years it has really upped its game. Here are some examples of why their social media strategy is so good.

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World Cup 2014: what should we expect from brands?

The World Cup, along with the Olympics, comes by once every four years and is therefore a good assay of changing media habits and technology.

What should marketers expect to come out of Brazil and World Cup 2014? This post looks at some brand involved and their efforts so far and lessons drawn from the London Olympics 2012.

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Why your brand should use social listening right now

Through social media, brands have an unparalleled opportunity to hear what their customers and potential customers think and feel about them. Social listening however is active and involves responding in some way. This article looks at ways that social listening can be utilised by brands.

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Four ways to increase social engagement in the New Year

Driving quality engagement with your social audience increases loyalty and more effectively guides consumers down the path to purchase.

As such, marketers must place a premium on fostering social relationships that add tangible value and incentives to the customer experience.

But how can marketers identify the most effective ways to break through the flood of status updates, tweets, pins, and posts?

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