How do marketers manage their mobile email channel effectively?

In 2012, more than half (52%) of 18-34 year-olds had clicked through to a website from a mobile email, and in 2013 48% of all emails were opened on mobile.

It’s therefore imperative for email marketers to ensure their communications are suitably optimised for all mobile devices – how to marketers manage this channel effectively?

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How the UK’s favourite restaurants are performing on mobile

Having a mobile site for a restaurant could dramatically increase their customer numbers as it can capture the attention of people out and about. This post looks at the most necessary information and features and analyses the mobile sites of some well known UK restaurants.

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Have responsive and adaptive design made the app vs mobile web debate irrelevant?

Previously, there was much argument about what was better – a native app or stand alone mobile sites.

To summarise the argument, apps allowed more functionality (geo-location, barcode scanners etc), while mobile sites had the advantage of appealing to the casual mobile searcher, and across a range of devices. 

Now, thanks to responsive and adaptive design, as well as HTML5, mobile sites can offer many of the same features as apps.

So does this mean apps and stand-alone mobile sites are no longer needed?

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Getting to grips with mobile SEO

Numerous studies also show that the majority of users start their consumer journey on mobile and 32% of consumers make a monthly purchase.

Google has updated its algorithm to give preference to sites that offer mobile accessibility and many other search engines have followed suit. It’s now imperative that you have a separate mobile SEO strategy from your traditional desktop strategy.

Here is some best practice advice on mobile SEO.

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14 inspiring mobile commerce websites

 For the consumer on the go or away from the desktop, it’s an absolute must that your site is accessible and readable, with simple navigation, easy checkout and visual clarity. 

Which ecommerce sites are doing the above, but also providing something more? Here are 14 inspiring examples.

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Writing mobile email subject lines: four key considerations

Data from Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Census 2014 shows that just under half (47%) of businesses are optimising emails for mobile devices, while a third (34%) have it in the works and 19% have no plans in this area.

If marketers are not able to optimise for mobile yet, they can at least write subject minds with mobile users in mind – here are some examples of how to approach this.

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