ERROR FIX: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter

Usually this is just a case of some data or white space being sent to the browser before the session_start command is run. However, this error also occurs if a file is saved using UTF-8 although it works fine when saved as ANSI.

FIX: If you need the UTF-8 encoding then it will need to be saved without Byte Order Mark (BOM). Most editors have an option to save as UTF-8 without BOM; this should get rid of the error.

BUG FIX: Can’t click to get focus of form fields

BUG: Can’t click on an input field and get focus to change the value.  Noticed mainly in Firefox.

FIX:  In this case the field was in a div that was the target of the jQuery sortable plugin.  Either detach the sortable plugin if not required or use jQuery to override the click handling as shown here…